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University of nottingham dating

On his return from France, he attended a five-day bomb disposal course, for which he was selected because he had a science degree.

That the science was horticulture was considered irrelevant.

Hudson was equally committed to all three and inspirational in all, an unusual combination.

It is interesting that these three activities mirror those that he must have needed in his bomb-disposal work.

When German V1 flying bombs started falling, Hudson was assigned to deal with one of the first that failed to explode.

Because unexploded bombs could cause greater disruption than those that exploded, German scientists devised ways of making defusing difficult and hazardous.

Hudson and his colleagues strove to keep ahead of the problems this caused, but were soon faced with a complicated device known as the Y-fuse, which incorporated batteries and mercury switches.

Any attempt to move the bomb to which they were attached resulted in its detonation.

After pouring liquid oxygen on the fuse he withdrew and waited until the casing cracked.

The original plan had been to withdraw the fuse using a long line attached to it.

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A method was devised to freeze the whole fuse mechanism by dripping liquid oxygen on it.